Clinical Coordinator

Clinical Coordinator

The selected individual will head up our development efforts towards integration with various scheduling systems. The major focus of this task is the integrations of existing Medical Practice Management software systems with our main database. It will require transforming the data from multiple APIs into one central schema and vice versa. This individual should be a particularly determined problem solver; being able to work around incomplete (or even non-existent) APIs.


  1. Familiarity with a wide variety of Operating Systems and Architectures. Also, the ability to quickly learn new ones if necessary.
  2. Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming patterns, practices, and principles. Experience with the Microsoft .NET development platform (preferably C#).

  3. Some experience with Reverse Engineering tools (i.e. Reflector, dotPeek, DIAS, etc.)

  4. Experience interfacing with, and optimizing, various database products and architectures.

  5. Experience and understanding of Agile development methodology Strong discipline for testing code at every level of development and knowledge of various testing methodologies. A great attitude and be a great team player.


  1. Experience in at least one dynamic server language (Python, Ruby, Javascript, etc.)

  2. Experience with WiX Windows installer framework.

  3. Experience with the .NET P/Invoke interop layer, marshaling data to and from other platforms.

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